Isodiol is one of the leading Pure CBD Oil and industrial hemp derivative companies in the world supplying the medicinal, nutraceutical, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical markets with the highest purity products.

After years of fostering key relationships around the world, Isodiol and its team of collaborators have brought together experienced chemists, professors, and technicians who have performed 15 years of in-­depth studies which has resulted in unique hemp cultivars that Isodiol and its partners process to extract pure CBD oil and other derivatives.

Isodiol and its team of collaborators own proprietary technology and production capabilities that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Isodiol has extensive experience in planting, development, research and CBD production and have created a process that allows them to extract pure CBD oil from the mature stalks of the hemp plant. This proprietary extraction method is unique and ensures that Isodiol's pure CBD products are the highest quality available anywhere in the world.

Even as the largest global industrial source of CBD hemp oil worldwide, there has been no sacrifice to the ongoing commitment to sustainable agriculture. Isodiol supports small hemp farmers who are committed to growing their non-­GMO crop without using pesticides, herbicides and insecticides. And, as a naturally resilient plant, hemp does not require chemicals to thrive.

Isodiol is committed to the continuing development of pure CBD oil for the benefit of individuals worldwide.

Comprised of passionate and dedicated individuals, Isodiol is committed to bringing pure CBD oil to the global market. By working in collaboration with talented farmers, chemists, technicians, professors and businesses, Isodiol produces the highest quality pure CBD oil products available today.

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