Real Scientific Hemp Oil | RSHO was one of the original Hemp Oil CBD Brands to appear in the marketplace and is marketed and distributed by HempMeds, a Medical Marijuana, Inc company ( OTC: MJNA ). At this time, Vital-Soul has chosen not to represent this brand or Dixie Botanicals due to the Real Scientific Hemp Oil Reviews and speculations that surround this product. Dixie Botanicals products are manufactured using Real Scientific Hemp Oil.

Speculation of quality began to be questioned around November 2013, when a former employee of Dixie Botanicals, also a Medical Marijuana, Inc company ( OTC: MJNA ) posted on her Facebook page, that CBD-based products from Dixie Botanicals are made from “crude and dirty hemp paste” that is contaminated with microbial life, residual solvents and other toxins. Today the post is no longer on her page but this has lead to further questioning and speculation of the series of companies. More on the subject of Dixie Botanicals can be reviewed at MJ Business Daily.


Throughout the course of the next year Real Scientific Hemp Oil Reviews continued and the reviews on RSHO were not looking promising, although some were suggesting that testing could of been tampered with, in October 2014, Project CBD released a special report titled " Hemp Oil Hustlers " that went viral and the media picked up on this report. Project CBD published complaints from several sources that people were getting sick, in some cases “violently ill,” from using Real Scientific Hemp Oil | RSHO, Medical Marijuana Inc.’s flagship product.

Currently there is a pending lawsuit around this matter and until this is resolved and further Real Scientific Hemp Oil Reviews are performed on RSHO, Vital-Soul will not recommend this product to you, our valued customer.